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Lets users add, edit and remove entries and members as favorites, plus many other features.

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Tag your content with keywords and intuitively display relationships between entries.

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Freeform ProCreate simple & complex forms.


What site doesn’t need easy, flexible forms?

Freeform allows you to create simple or complex forms on your ExpressionEngine website. Create simple contact forms or collect more useful information from your visitors with more complex forms. And with Freeform Pro you can use an intuitive and enjoyable drag and drop interface to create forms. With Pro you can create multi-page forms, and forms where submissions can be edited by the submitter.

Field type driven, Freeform and Freeform Pro give you the strength and flexibility to adapt to your client’s needs as they change over time.

Video Preview

Freeform 4 / Freeform Pro video

Eric Miller Design Solspace partnered with Eric Miller Design to develop a clean and simple yet powerful user interface for the next generation of our flagship product, Freeform.

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We pride ourselves on our level of support and our attention to the customer. If you have an issue, we're here to help.

Money Back Guarantee

If Freeform Pro is not right for you, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

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Freeform Pro is available in other languages too! Click here to view other languages.

Award Winning

What People Are Saying

We evaluated several web form solutions for ExpressionEngine and quickly identified Freeform as the best solution for our needs. With Freeform, we were able to get our client’s sites to market quickly and easily train new users on the platform as they grow. – bcw

We have been able to give clients the ability to make the forms they need with little involvement from us! – Hendrik-Jan Francke

Must have addon for those looking for any type of form solution! – soopafly

Pretty much everyone who develops sites using ExpressionEngine is going to use Freeform at some point. I used Freeform Pro on a relatively large website to give the administrators some freedom over their forms by using the Composer functionality. – Damien Buckley


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