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Lets users add, edit and remove entries and members as favorites, plus many other features.

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Tag your content with keywords and intuitively display relationships between entries.

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UserCreate powerful and flexible member areas.


The User module’s primary purpose is to bring EE Member template functionality outside of those restricted templates, and into regular EE templates. Imagine implementing very customizable and flexible member templates within minutes! Easily display other features in a users profile page such as their recent channel entries, photos, EE comments, Solspace Favorites add-on favorites, and more!

This powerful and very flexible module is also capable of much more. It brings to the table a robust set of front end member management tools and adds much more flexibility to the way your member management behaves. Send an automated custom welcome email to users once their registration is complete, Register new members via the front end, set the email address to be the username for logging into your site, Custom error pages… need we say more?!

Freedom is a good thing.

User also contains a special feature that allows you to assign multiple authors to a channel entry. This is done by using an additional tab in the Publish page of the ExpressionEngine CP. The admin can then select members from the member list to assign them to the entry as authors.

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As a web developer it makes putting the site together much faster without hacks. After using it on a few high traffic websites the last 4 years, I'm very pleased. The support is outstanding as well. – youthworks

I'm a novice EE developer and have never used EE member capabilities before. When a client project needed membership management (user login, user profiles, etc), we used the User Module and we're so glad we did. The docs are very easy to follow and the Solspace team is very responsive when it comes to questions and issues. – Patricia

I'm sure I only employed a fraction of what this add-on can do but it made life a lot easier and saved me a lot of time in what could have otherwise been a relatively complex set of functionality to wade through for a novice EE developer. Great product. – Damien Buckley


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