Who We Serve

We serve manufacturers, distributors, and industrial consultants.

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B2B Industrials

At Solspace, we primarily focus on clients in the B2B industrial market. These clients either manufacture products sold to other businesses, distribute products to businesses, or provide consulting to those that do. They might even do some combination of those three.

We have a keen understanding of website experiences for products that are high-cost, high-risk, and configurable. Such products are challenging to sell online and often have long sales cycles. Clients in the industrial sector rely on Solspace to understand their needs and create websites and technologies that fit those needs.


What you make is costly, complex, and critical.

In the manufacturing industry, sales reps are key. But they have to repeat themselves so much. You can remove that repetition by providing customers with better information and product data online.

Let your website be a sales tool, not just a brochure.


Your core focus is effective fulfillment. Now that almost all systems from CRMs, to ERPs, to PIMs are in the cloud, we can help you integrate them all.

With hyper-fast tools like Meilisearch and Algolia, you can rebuild your online catalog with faceted filter and search capabilities. We can show you how to do it in manageable, future-proof steps.

No need to rebuild your entire website.

Industrial Consultancies

You help solve complex problems for complex businesses. We can help you explain it reliably on the web.

Your clients are not asking for your firm’s next practice area, but you know they need it.

We can help you assemble the web tools to tell your complex story.